Template letter for use by the doctor in medical attendance on a person wishing to marry under Registrar General’s Licence.
Please note that the letter must be signed and dated, and be printed on headed paper.
Please see the template text below, with the sample words in italics that the doctor must replace with the correct information.


Doctor’s name

Name of doctor’s practice or residency location

Address of doctor’s practice or residency location



Dear Registration Service,

Re:   Full name of patient  

I am writing to confirm the following points with regards to the proposed marriage of the above named patient:

  1. I am the doctor in medical attendance on the above name patient;
  2. The above named patient is seriously ill and not expected to recover;
  3. The above named patient cannot be moved to a place registered for marriages;
  4. The above named patient understands the nature and purport of the marriage ceremony.
  5. I am registered with a licence to practice and my GMC reference number is doctor’s GMC reference number.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of further assistance.

Yours faithfully,

Doctor’s signature

Doctor’s full name