Please see the script below, with the words in italics that the people making promises will say:


‘Good morning/ afternoon everyone. On behalf of my colleague (Registrar 2’s name), and myself (Registrar 1’s name), I would like to welcome you to (ceremony venue) on the occasion of the naming ceremony of (Child’s name).

(Parent/s names) thank you all for being here today to celebrate with them on this special day.

In naming a child, we celebrate one of life’s continuing miracles, the birth of a new being and the continuation of humanity.

Ceremonies such as this have a significant role to play in our lives. They mark important moments and form bonds between all those who participate. They enable us to acknowledge the new relationships and roles that have been created in our lives by the arrival of this baby.

The phrase “it takes a village to raise a child” has become so familiar that it has lost much of its ability to inspire us. Nonetheless, it is true. While the task of nurturing children belongs mainly to their parents, it also belongs, in part, to all of you, the family and friends who are gathered here today.

By offering your support, example and encouragement you all have a part to play in helping this child on his/her journey to achieve her potential.


By giving a child a name we declare that the child is an individual, a unique and separate person with dignity and a life of their own.

In giving him/her a name we declare that we respect him/her and give him/her the freedom to be him/herself.

(Parent/s names), what is the name of this child?

(Parents repeat child’s name)

We welcome you (Child’s name). This is a new name to you regardless of the number of people who have worn it. May you wear this name with honour and may people look upon your name with kindness and respect.


We welcome (Reader 1’s name) forward now with the first reading.


Would the parents please stand.

In bringing your child to be named before family and friends, you share some of the joy that is yours as parents.

You acknowledge that he/she is more than your own creation and private concern.

You declare your wish to raise her to the best of your abilities and according to your values, many of which you learned from your own parents.

(Parent/s names), will you provide for your child a home of love, security and joy and teach him/her, by example, to walk in the ways of truth, love and compassion?

(Parent/s: We will.)


(Parent/s names) have chosen to write personal vows to (Child’s name) to express their continued commitment to bring him/her up with love. (Parent/s names), please read your vows to (Child’s name).


We welcome (Reader 2’s name) forward now with the second reading.

Today (Parent/s names), wish to celebrate their child and to ask you to share in this first step of his/her journey – his/her introduction to the people who will guide and accompany him/her along the way.


Would the supporting adults please stand.

(Parent/s names)  have chosen (Supporting Adult 1’s name) and (Supporting Adult 2’s name), trusted friends whom they hope will help to shape this baby’s life.

Children need role models who are not their parents. (Parent/s names) recognise that there will be times when they will benefit from help in raising their child.

Their hope is that their child will be able to rely upon these supporting adults, to be insightful and encouraging guides, and that they will offer a relationship that is meaningful and deeply rewarding for them and for (Child’s name).

(Supporting Adult 1’s name) and (Supporting Adult 2’s name), will you watch over this child with affection and will you offer him/her your guidance, friendship and inspiration?

(We will.)

Thank you.


Would the grandparents please stand.

Being a grandparent is a joyful, tender and serious duty. (Parent/s names) know from experience what a vitally important role they play in a child’s life, and they look forward to their parents enjoying this most rewarding of relationships.

Grandparents: Will you share your wisdom and experience, and will you respect, befriend and love your granddaughter/son always?

(We will.)      

Thank you.


I will ask you to acknowledge your support of this child by responding, “We will” to this question.

Will you all give him/her a hearty welcome and will you accept the privilege and the responsibility of nurturing this child?

(We will.)


We welcome (Reader 3’s name) forward now with the final reading.


(Parent/s names) have asked (Supporting Adult 1’s name) and (Supporting Adult 2’s name) to sign the certificate of this ceremony with them as a reminder of the promises they have made to  (Child’s name).

I now present (Parent/s names) with a record of the ceremony as a lasting reminder of this special day.

We give thanks for the gift of children. Although we cannot save our children from trial or danger, we can, by example and encouragement, help them to find love, courage and wisdom in our midst. We will learn from (Child’s name) as she/he takes her/his place among us, challenging us and offering us a new companionship.

Please offer your congratulations to (Parent/s names) and (Child’s name)!