Please see the usual order and structure of the civil partnership ceremony below, which you can use as a starting point to write your own personalised ceremony.
Please note that, unlike marriage, civil partnership has no legal words that must be said, so you can amend, add or leave out any elements that you wish. The only exception to this is the declaratory vows- you can choose to include them or leave them out, but if you include them, the wording cannot be amended.


Entrance of Partner 1/ Partner 2/ couple

Welcome from the registrar to couple and guests

Wording about the meaning of civil partnership/ personal details about the couple


Declaratory vows (to be said by both – these words cannot be amended if you choose to include them):

I, (Partner 1’s name), declare that I know of no legal reason why I may not register as (Partner 2’s name)’s civil partner. I understand that on signing this document I will be forming a civil partnership with (Partner 2’s name).


Contracting vows (to be said by both – this is an example of a vow and these words can be amended)

I, (Partner 1’s name) take you (Partner 2’s name), to be my civil partner. I promise to be loving, faithful and loyal to you for the rest of our lives together.



  • Registrar’s words about the meaning of rings
  • Ring words repeated by both partners as they exchange rings



Registrar’s concluding words and pronouncing the couple to be civil partners.

[COUPLE DECLARED AS THEY WISH- i.e. John and Jane or Mr and Mr Smith]

Exit of the couple and guests