About the room

IMPORTANT: If you are booking a ceremony in 2021, please book your notice appointment before you book the ceremony, as there are longer than usual waiting times for an appointment across the country due to Register Offices being closed during national lockdowns.

If you are not able to give notice in time for your ceremony, you will need to move the ceremony to a later date.

A popular ceremony room at Islington Town Hall, Room 99 is a high-ceilinged, airy room and has been refurbished in keeping with the elegance of the building.

Decorated with tasteful simplicity in red and gold with permanent floral displays and beautiful chandeliers, Room 99 provides a simple yet elegant setting to any ceremony. Large windows provide ample natural light and air-conditioning is available during the summer months.

All prices include room hire, the registrars’ attendance and one marriage or civil partnership certificate. The fee is the same for couples choosing to have a marriage, a civil partnership with a ceremony or a civil partnership with no ceremony.

The time allowed for ceremonies in Room 99 is shorter than in the other ceremony rooms. This means that there is no scope for any addition to the standard legal ceremony. You will not be able to choose your ceremony, add personal vows, to have separate pre-ceremony interviews or have a walk in. If these are important to you, we strongly recommend you choose one of our other rooms where these options are available.

We are not able to offer co-ordination meetings for ceremonies in Room 99, as these are always very simple ceremonies which are not able to be personalised.

The government have stated: ‘From 21 June the maximum number of attendees at a wedding, civil partnership ceremony, reception or celebration held in a COVID-secure venue… will be determined by how many people (including children) a venue can safely accommodate with social distancing measures in place…. As part of the duty on venue managers and organisers to limit health and safety risks, a safe capacity for the venue should be established. This number should enable members of staff, anyone conducting or supporting the event, and customers or guests (including children) to be socially distanced within the venue. Space in communal areas like waiting areas and corridors should be considered when setting the safe maximum number of attendees.’

Following this advice, and the risk assessments we have undertaken, the numbers of guests that can safely be invited to ceremonies in Room 99 are:

Step 3 (between 17 May and 20 June): 4 guests*

Step 3 (between 21 June and 18 July at the earliest): 8 guests*

Step 4: 10 guests*

* This number includes the witnesses/guests of any age, including children and babies. The couple, registrars, and one professional photographer do not count toward this number.

As we enter Step 4, we will review the numbers that can safely use the room.

At this time we are unable to confirm if and when the guest numbers will be able to increase beyond these numbers again.

Ceremonies offered
Civil partnerships

Monday to Thursday£190

Opening times

Days Times
Monday to Friday10.00 am
10.30 am
11.00 am
11.30 am
12 noon
2.00 pm
2.30 pm
3.00 pm
Saturday10.00 am
10.45 am
11.30 am
12.15 pm