About the room

For Islington and City of London residents only.

For those who want the most simple and basic of marriages or civil partnerships, we offer the statutory room.

These ceremonies are only available on Monday mornings, and are available only to Islington and City of London (the square mile) residents. Before your booking is confirmed, we will ask for proof that one or both of you are resident in Islington or City of London (the square mile). If you are unsure which borough you live in, please check the on the gov.uk website and ensure you live in either Islington or City of London (the square mile).


2 adult witnesses

The statutory room is an intimate room which can only hold:
• You and your partner
• Two adult witnesses
• The registrars

Children and babies cannot be accommodated in this room, as you can only bring two adult witnesses to your ceremony.

These guest numbers are the maximum allowed following our fire and health and safety risk assessments.


Unfortunately, pets are not permitted to attend ceremonies taking place in this room. Registered assistance animals are welcomed in all rooms.

Ceremony types

Civil partnerships

Ceremonies or civil partnership signings in the statutory room will use the minimal wording required by law.

The time allowed for ceremonies in the statutory room is shorter than in other ceremony rooms. This means that there is no scope for any addition to the standard legal ceremony. You will not be able to choose your ceremony, add readings or personal vows, include music, have separate pre-ceremony interviews or have a walk in. If these are important to you, we strongly recommend you choose one of our other rooms where these options are available. A simple ceremony will last around 20 minutes.

Prices and days/times offered

Price includes use of the room and the registrars’ attendance. The price is the same for all statutory ceremonies, including couples choosing to have a civil partnership with no ceremony.

Mondays at 9.15am and 9.45am £56 plus £12.50 for a certificate


Please note: the fee from May 2024 for a statutory ceremony and a copy of the certificate is £68.50. This fee is set by central government. If the statutory fee for a statutory ceremony increases by the date of your ceremony, you will be asked to pay the difference.