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Please find below our most frequently asked questions about what happens after your ceremony.

This information is applicable to all couples who have had ceremonies in Islington or City of London, regardless of venue.

If you have a question which is not on this list, please email and we will try our best to answer it.

The details of your ceremony must be entered onto a computer system after the ceremony, so we can’t give you the certificate at the end of the ceremony.

Following your ceremony, the legal details need to be inputted onto the national database before we can check and produce certificates, which can take up to 20 working days, as we conduct large numbers of ceremonies.

You will be asked on your ceremony day if you want the certificate to be posted to you, or if you would prefer us to contact you when it’s ready so you can collect it from our office.

Some couples have told us that they need their first certificate urgently following their ceremony, so we offer an express service for an additional fee, which produces the certificate within 3 working days of the ceremony date. Booked couples will be advised on how to apply for this service.

The fee you pay for the ceremony includes one certificate, but you are welcome to order as many as you need online after the ceremony.

Please click here to visit the webpage where you can order extra copies.

Someone from the religious building must deliver the schedule to our office during our opening hours, and then we will enter the details of your ceremony onto a computer system.

You will need to buy copies of your certificate (including the first copy), and you can order these on the Council’s website by clicking here.

Please allow up to three weeks to receive your marriage/civil partnership certificate in the post after the schedule has been delivered and you have paid for your certificate.


There is no legal requirement in this country to change your name after your ceremony. This is a personal choice and not everyone wishes to do so.

If you do choose to change your name, your marriage or civil partnership certificate is evidence of the name change and no further legal processes need to be followed- just show your certificate to the bank etc. where you want to change your name.

In England and Wales, your name will appear on the certificate as it was before the marriage/civil partnership. It is not possible to record your married name on the certificate in this country.

If you are nationals of another country, then we suggest you contact your consulate or embassy to find out what the legal requirements are in your country.

If you would like to honeymoon in your new name, your passport can be changed up to three months before the ceremony, as long as you have given notice. Please visit this page to complete the required form and post it to the Town Hall to be signed by the Superintendent Registrar, before submitting it to the Passport Office.

Please note that your new passport will only be valid from the date of the ceremony.

Yes, it is a legal requirement to re-register the birth of your child/children after you get married or form a civil partnership, if the child/children were born in England or Wales.

This means that the birth certificate will be updated to show that you are now married or in a civil partnership. The child/children’s surname can also be changed at this point if you choose.

Please visit the website page to download the application form after your ceremony.

If your child/children were born in Islington or City of London, please visit the council website for information on reregistering.

If your child/children were born elsewhere, please contact the register office for that area, who will advise you on re-registering the child/children.

We know it’s all a bit overwhelming by the time you come to actually sign the marriage or civil partnership schedule, but it is extremely important that all the information recorded in the entry is correct. Your registrar will direct you to check everything before you put pen to paper, and please use those moments to double check your details.

It is your responsibility to make sure all is right before you sign. If you spot anything that is wrong tell the registrar straight away and they can amend it for you. It is very difficult to correct the registration after the event.

Please be aware that any errors in the information given will cost £90.00 to amend after you have signed to say the details are correct.