Please see the usual order and structure of the commitment ceremony below, which you can use as a starting point to write your own personalised ceremony.

Please note that, unlike a marriage ceremony, a commitment ceremony has no legal words that must be said, so you can amend, add or leave out any elements that you wish.

The only exception to this is that a commitment ceremony cannot contain the legal marriage vows or imply that this ceremony is legally binding.


Entrance of Partner 1/ Partner 2/ couple

Welcome from the registrar to couple and guests

Wording about the meaning of the commitment ceremony/ personal details about the couple


Couples vows (to be said by both – this is an example of a vow and these words can be amended)

(Partner 2’s name), do you take (Partner 1’s name) to be your committed partner and friend? Do you promise to treat them with love and devotion, honour and respect? Do you promise to stand by them in the triumphs and tragedies of life as a faithful and caring partner?




  • Registrar’s words about the meaning of rings
  • Ring words repeated by both partners as they exchange rings




Registrar’s concluding words

Exit of the couple and guests